Erectile Dysfunction Paterson NJ

Erectile dysfunction (ED) is common condition that prevents a man from having or sustaining an erection that is suitable for having sex. Originally labeled as "male impotence", ED is not an inevitable event caused by natural aging. Nonetheless, getting older can affect a man's ability to achieve and sustain an erection but the dysfunction can be caused by many different factors. Since the staff at NJ GAINSWave treats the condition instead of the symptoms, the erectile dysfunction may go away once the condition causing ED is diagnosed and treated. Balancing testosterone, quitting smoking, eating a healthy diet and managing stress may also improve erectile function.

Male Enhancement Paterson NJ

Have you experienced a diminished sexual drive during sex? Nothing can be more frustrating than a loss of sensation in your penis that results in an inability to attain or maintain erections. That's why NJ GAINSWave offers numerous options for treating men's health issues, such as:

  • Testosterone Replacement - Testosterone levels are key to the male sex drive and can affect how a man's penis responds to sexual stimulation. As normal testosterone levels drop, most men notice a decline in sex drive.
  • Pulsed Acoustic Wave Therapy - In six to twelve sessions, extracorporeal shockwave therapy can break up plaque formation in the penis and stimulate the growth of new blood vessels to increase blood flow and improve function.

Given the special programs offered at NJ GAINSWave, our staff is well equipped to help you achieve the level of sexual satisfaction that you seek. As specialists in men's health, our doctors can accurately diagnose the cause of your sexual dysfunction and provide the most effective treatment regimen.

Treatment for Peyronie's Disease Paterson NJ

NJ GAINSWave is encouraging men to seek professional help for Peyronie's disease is a common men's health condition that can make sex difficult. Peyronie's disease is a bending or curving of the penis that can make sexual intercourse difficult or impossible for both gay and straight men. As a male medical condition, it is painful and psychologically devastating and often afflicts middle-aged men. Injury can occur during an accident like a sports injury or when the penis is bent during vigorous sexual activities. Research studies suggest that 3 out of 4 men with Peyronie's disease experience feelings of depression and are stressed about their problem. Don't let Peyronie's disease impair your sexual function, visit us online to speak to a medical advisor about your treatment options.

Are You Tired of Spending Money Treating the Symptoms of ED?

If you've been searching online, you could easily conclude that men seeking treatment for erectile dysfunction only have one option... the little blue pill. Over the decade and a half since the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved Viagra as a prescription medication to treat the symptoms of ED, major pharmaceutical companies are still locked in a marketing battle using steamy and suggestive advertising. However, about one fourth of the men with ED do not respond to drugs and sometimes ED medications simply stop working after a few years. Nonetheless, we don't believe in treating symptoms, so before recommending a specific ED treatment, our doctor will conduct a thorough examination to determine the underlying cause of your condition. Moreover, diabetic men with ED often experience devastating effects that may cause their penis to shrink. At NJ GAINSWave, we can also prescribe P-Shots for male sexual enhancement.

Last year I had a bit of a down period, I was not having any fun anymore, and I noticed I was losing it. [Then I had the GAINSWave] and the results were staggering.

— Ronald S. (Producer) - Bergen County, NJ

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