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Erectile dysfunction is not another misfortune of natural aging that men should just accept. Anyone suffering with sexual performance issues nowadays have several treatment options to consider based on an accurate diagnosis of the reason for their ED. There are many body parts, including the brain, that play an essential role in how effectively a man performs in the bedroom. This makes it extremely important to find a men's health clinic with the experience and technology to correctly diagnose and treat the cause your erectile dysfunction. Our goal at the NJ GAINSWave is to get you started on a treatment pathway that works best for restoring blood flow and nerve function for your unique situation.

Men's Sexual Health Ridgewood NJ

Erectile dysfunction is one of the most common conditions affecting middle aged to older men but can periodically occur at an earlier age. Unfortunately, most primary care physicians and internists are not exposed to emerging concepts in ED management and testosterone hormone balancing like those listed below:

  • Testosterone Balance - Although it does not correct circulatory or nerve problems, our healthcare professionals may prescribe testosterone therapy is you have low levels and suffer from fatigue, loss of strength or low libido.
  • Lifestyle Changes - Your doctor may also recommend lifestyle changes, such as limiting alcohol consumption or stopping smoking. Moreover, we work with you to relieve your anxiety about managing your ED.
  • Pulsed Shock Wave Therapy - This in-office procedure focuses low intensity shockwaves at deep tissues at the base and shaft of the penis for short-term treatment of erectile dysfunction for up to two years.

Many of the myths surrounding sex performance issues like ED made seeking treatment for impotence a discouraging event. Yet, treatments for erectile dysfunction were discussed in The Yellow Emperor's Classic of Internal Medicine in Chinese text around 2600 B.C. Today, our staff is expertly equipped to provide the latest ED treatments as well as testosterone replacement therapy, if needed.

Advanced Treatment for Peyronie's Disease Ridgewood NJ

Peyronie's disease is the medical term used to describe the curvature of the penis that occurs when the erectile rods become inflamed and scar tissue forms in the corpora cavernosa. As the buildup of plaque or lumps continues, a curvature can cause sexual intercourse to become more and more painful, which usually leads to unnecessary abstinence and emotional upset. Our advanced treatment for Peyronie's disease in Ridgewood NJ utilizes pulsed acoustic waves that breakdown fibrous plaque to restore sexual function to the affected organ. Moreover, shockwave therapy improves blood flow along the arterial walls of the penis for stronger, longer lasting erections. If you are considering Peyronie's disease treatment options, contact NJ GAINSWave to schedule an appointment today.

Tired of Taking the Little Blue Pill to Boost Your Performance?

The science behind the mechanism of the little blue pill as well as other erectile dysfunction medications is very much the same — the drug causes a man's blood vessels to suddenly dilate resulting in an erection. Although these drugs have been prescribed to millions of men over the past two decades, there are risks and side effects as well as pre-existing medical conditions where there could be severe medical consequences. In other words, ED medications are not a perfect solution, as the treatments are often inconvenient and long-term use can be expensive. Moreover, there has been a rise in recreational use of ED pills among younger men who want to enhance sexual performance but are embarrassed to talk about their problem. Current estimates suggests around 80% of ED pills purchased online or in the streets are counterfeit. Don't take chances with your sexual health, visit the professionals at NJ GAINSWave Ridgewood NJ.

Last year I had a bit of a down period, I was not having any fun anymore, and I noticed I was losing it. [Then I had the GAINSWave] and the results were staggering.

— Ronald S. (Producer) - Bergen County, NJ

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