Erectile Dysfunction Hackensack NJ

Were you searching for the latest treatments for erectile dysfunction Hackensack NJ? Then, you've come to the right place to learn more about the revolutionary treatment regimen being offered at NJ GAINSWave. Although it is rare for men to talk about it openly, ED is a very common problem for males over the age of 40. By age 70, at least seventy percent of men struggle with erectile dysfunction. All too often, men fail to get the treatment they need because they feel embarrassed. The good news is our men's health Hackensack NJ doctors are experts at talking about ED and make sure you feel comfortable about discussing your ED treatment options.

Men's Health Hackensack NJ

When you visit NJ GAINSWave, our doctors are focused on helping you recover the desire and ability to enjoy a healthy sex life at any adult age. An occasional problem with getting or keeping an erection is not a cause for concern. However, for ongoing men's health Hackensack NJ, we offer the latest treatments to target your cause:

  • Acoustic Shock Wave Therapy - Shockwave therapy breaks up plaque formation in blood vessels and stimulates the growth of new blood vessels in the penis.
  • Testosterone Therapy - Low testosterone (also called Low-T) can affect a man's energy level, sex drive, mood and ambition. Testosterone replacement therapy returns a man's testosterone levels to what they were.

Our team will review your medical history to ensure there are no underlying conditions. After all, erectile dysfunction can be an indicator that you are at a higher risk for heart disease. In many cases, we can reverse the underlying cause of ED using our revolutionary pulsed acoustic wave therapy. Best of all, there is very little if any side effects or down time.

Shockwave Treatment for Peyronie's Disease

In addition to providing the latest technologies and treatment regimens for erectile dysfunction, NJ GAINSWave also offers treatments for Peyronie's disease. This disease describes a number of common symptoms, which can affect the penis and a man's sexual performance. The most common finding of penile curvature is plaque or hard areas in the non-erect penis. This can cause painful erections, especially when extreme curvature occurs. Signs of penile curvature may occur early on in the disease process or later as the scarring in the penile tissue advances. At NJ GAINSWave, treatments for Pyronie's disease are individualized to improve sexual performance through a healthy erection.

Tired of Taking Medications for Sexual Enhancement?

If you tired of taking medications for sexual enhancement, it is time to take positive actions to increase your sexual performance. If erectile dysfunction medications like Cialis orViagra are no longer working or have gotten too expensive, pulsed acoustic shockwave therapy opens existing blood vessels in the penis resulting in increased blood flow and longer lasting erections. Even if you haven't experienced ED or Peyronie's disease, but want to stay on top of your game, GAINSWave™ is for you.  GAINSWave™ can provide stronger erections, decrease recovery time between orgasms, increase sensitivity and boost your confidence. Find out for yourself why shockwave therapy is the best option for erectile dysfunction Hackensack NJ.

Due to ED, I have not been sexually active in over 5 years. Oral ED medications did not work for me. Now after getting the GAINSWave, I feel confident that I can be spontaneous and enjoy my relationship with my wife again. It's not very often you get a second chance to start over at my age, and I'm grateful for GAINSWave therapy.

— John B. (Attorney) - Bergen County, NJ

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