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It Is Time to Stop Scheduling Your Intimacy

February 3, 2020

Every man will experience erectile dysfunction (ED) at some time, but doctors don't consider it impotency unless there is a loss of ability to get and keep an erection satisfactorily for penetration at least twenty-five percent of the time. Although it might be a good definition, it should not be used to exclude men with less severe difficulties from seeking an accurate diagnosis and treatment for their specific condition. The most heralded protocol for treating erectile dysfunction is to prescribe ED medications. However, ED meds do not seem to work for all men, so having to schedule sexual intimacy can be a real life-changer.

Some couples feel that forcing sex to fit a timeline is, well, very un-sexy. Moreover, for those who are relying on ED medications to establish a specified time for intercourse, enjoying a spontaneous sex life is nearly impossible. Some experts even suggest the pressure and tension that comes from managing such arrangements is a sure fire way to find your relationship in a "sexual rut". Fortunately, there are new technologies and advanced treatment protocols to consider as viable options to the expensive and time-oriented use of the "Little Blue Pill".

Scheduling Sex Can Be a Tricky Issue

Contrary to the romantic picture painted by the drug companies' ads for ED medications, there are many situations where having to time the onset of an ED medication is perceived as an unwelcomed change to one's sex life. For some, negotiating when sex might occur is fraught with problems, including:

  • It's Not As Romantic - For most couples, having to time when ED medications will be working is not as romantic as spontaneous sex. Moreover, setting a timeline for sex, may cause you to fail to address your deeper needs as well as those of your partner and there can be added tension over not wasting the money invested in the ED meds.
  • Missed Windows of Opportunity - If your sex life is dependent on timing when you take a pill, there will definitely be missed windows of opportunity to enjoy other levels of intimacy. Fact is some of the most rewarding sexual experiences happen spontaneously and a lost moment of opportunity can cause a lot of frustration with the missed timing of meds.
  • Mismatched Partner Schedules - Some men become predatory and demanding after taking ED medications, which can turn off his partner and lead to other relationship problems. Whether real or imagined, partners have expressed concern about the increased risk of infidelity when mismatched schedules occur in light of a man's newfound sense of virility.
  • Unwanted Pressure to Engage in Sex - Although men and women are valuing sexual relations in older age, the use of ED medications can bring unwanted pressure retain youthful vigor and virility. In addition, many women have expressed concern as to how ED meds might affect their partner's long-term heart health.

Relying on erectile dysfunction medications puts too much focus on intercourse as the only goal rather than sexually connecting as a couple. This can cause one or both partners to feel that an intimate experience is not addressing his or her deeper needs or whether or not there has been a thoughtful exchange of desire.

Managing Erectile Dysfunction without Medications

A quick medical diagnosis of erectile dysfunction is easy, but determining the exact cause can be more difficult. Physical, mental and chemical attributes play a role in maintaining a healthy erection while poor blood flow and damaged penile tissue are common culprits of a failed erection. Since there is no cure ED, timely medical interventions to restore normal sexual functions can be crucial to preventing further progression of the condition. Even though lifestyle therapy is a slower process than taking Viagra or other ED medications, it often produces major health gains by reducing a man's cardiovascular risk factors as well as providing better erectile function for the man who is experiencing performance issues in the bedroom. When you visit NJ GAINSWave, our doctor will conduct a thorough examination to help you better understand the cause and treatment options available for improving your sexual performance. Our low-intensity, acoustic shockwave treatments enable men to regain spontaneous activity with normal intimacy and without the adverse effects of ED medications that often cause unwanted symptoms, such as vision changes, facial flushing, dizziness, upset stomach and headaches.

Whether you suffer from erectile dysfunction or just looking to improve your sexual performance, GAINSWave™ is a non-invasive, drug-free and surgery-free alternative to ED medications that can help you achieve longer, stronger and more resilient erections for better sex.

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